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2 Suggestions- MyMobShare (Forum) (Pc Version)
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[PM AlPhilipp]

Posted at Mon Jul 05, 2010 10:30:51

Via: - MyMobShare - (Share-Connect-Download)

Shaka.. I see there are many Inactive users. You can delete all users with less than 50 credits as generally they are not active.. Removing those members is not that difficult. Php+mysql integration can do it.. It will hardly take 5-10 minutes. it would keep the forums clean.. and one more thing, can you post a rank list.. So as to know who leads the forums? Also can you keep a member list.

Pradnesh.. 1stly welcome to MMS..

You can check the members list from the homepage visiting toppers of the forum menu.

Secondly yes we are going to delete users soon...and a new system is going to be implemented for all enthusiastic posters and uploaders .. keep up your good work..

i wish to see you join staff soon with ua dedicated performance for MMS..

Via: - MyMobShare - (Share-Connect-Download)

Via: - MyMobShare - (Share-Connect-Download)

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