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Take Our Forum Rules and Guidelines Seriously! By RaBraund [Full Article]     

   RaBraund Says ,      

The Forum Rules and Guidelines should be kept in mind when posting to

We take these guidelines seriously! And will not hesitate to remove access privileges in response to repeated violations. Admins and specially designated Moderators

will read through the posts and will be enforcing our

Forum Rules and Regulations. In addition, if you encounter a post that violates these said guidelines, PLEASE report<
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/span> the violation to us by sending PM to any of the Staff

member. Doing so will ensure that everyone else enjoys a better experience in the Forums. We rarely warn the offended member but if you receive a warning from MyMobShare Admins and Moderators

about a violation, please take it seriously and follow the guidelines in the future. If you repeatedly fail to follow the guidelines, you can be banned from the Forum.

Thanks & Regards, Forum Staff

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